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A petition with well over 8000 signatures was presented to the council March 2016

Save Jack Ilott Green

Here are some of the many comments from the Public - check out the petition to see more

"This city is beautiful. We have a "green Mayor" and she along with her councillors ,should be doing all in their power to keep it that way. We don't own this city but hold it in trust for the generations that follow". 
"Retaining people-friendly green spaces is important for a healthy and liveable city".
Ilott Green is part of a significant heritage precinct. It is also part of our Civic Centre. To let the Council imposed a 10+ storey building on this valuable green site will destroy our valuable heritage. Their arguments (green space not used, need to sell to developer to get finds for town hall strengthening) are flawed. Short term gain for long term irretrievable loss.
"I'm signing because we MUST fight to retain green spaces within the CBD. As the central city population expands vastly in the next two years or so, green spaces will become more critical for shared physical relaxation and will also aid each individual's mental balance in what has become a very stressed world."
We - Wellington citizens - will lose the one and only open space around Civic Square. Shame on the Council for approving this - stop thinking of money alone and just leave things if they are working for our city. We will become the city of enclosed small areas. How can you bear to enclose Civic Square like this?
"Green areas in a city are so invaluable... you cannot get them back once they are gone!!"
"I'm signing this because this is part of Civic Square- our square not Councils!"
This is outrageous - green spaces in a city make for happiness and joy - there are plenty of high rises - people who live and work in the inner city need green!
Wellington is a great city to live in and apartment living is the way of the future, however we need outdoor spaces to enjoy, we DO NOT need a building on Jack Ilott Green which would effectively block out sun and dominate the surrounding buildings including the cafe and library 
I'm signing because I see green space in the city an integral part of inner city living. Once it is gone it will never be returned to green space. The WCC talk about the importance of growth of inner city living, then in the next sentence want to take away green space. Not sure that will encourage inner city living. My 10 year old daughter learnt to ride her bike there when she was 4 and I would like my 5 month old learn to ride her bike there when she is old enough.
The proposal by the Council to put a building on here is once again the council money grabbing at the expense of green spaces in the city. This is a wonderful pocket park for nearby residents. A building here will shade Civic Square, give it a closed in feeling, reduce views and vistas across the city. All in all a bad piece of work by the council. Not impressed.
"I am getting rather hacked off by the persistent and insidious encroachment on public spaces in the name of "economic vibrancy" i.e. private sector enrichment"
"Concreting everything in the city is not the answer, metal trees aren't the same as real living trees".
It is criminal to take the green spaces away, If the Council does this they will regret it. Once its gone you cannot get it back
"City Councillors are to be more transparent , these matters are to be brought to Public attention and not taken for granted Ms Young and colleagues. People enjoy a safe sunny spot and leave this space for public good health please"
"Let's judge the value of our city on the beauty of its open spaces rather than the income from its structures"
I am signing this petition because I don't want Wellington to turn into a concrete jungle. There's enough high rises in Wellington central now. There needs to be the odd green spaces where people can go. If Wellington wants to promote apartment living then it also needs to realise that those in the apartments need somewhere to go outside of the apartments to relax as apartment dwellers don't have gardens and outside spaces of their own to enjoy.
One of the last green spaces left in city centre.
Building would block the views from the City to sea walkway as you come from Victoria Street.
I'm signing because I enjoy walking through that space every morning on my way to walk. I love seeing that bit of greenery in the middle of town. It is often used my office workers at lunch time. I see all sorts of groups of people enjoying that area over the weekend. It would be such a shame for it to be pulled down.
I am signing because central Wellington has too few natural green grass spaces. This one has an intriguing history and lovely built features although it needs some new furniture. It is out of the wind and it is used a lot, from my observations.
Green spaces are essential for our city. We don't need more high-rises! Keep this lovely space intact, for future generations, as earlier generations did for us with their committment to the town belt, and to parks.